Union Magazine

Union Magazine’s representation and preservation of Palestinian artists serves as a beacon of resistance through art. It acknowledges art as one of the most potent forms of expression when words fail. It stands as a resounding voice for Palestine, inviting global supporters to move from hearts tainted by despair to hearts filled with hope and to become allies using art as resistance.

In the eloquent words of essayist, novelist, and critic John Berger, art often assumes the role of a moral compass, judging the judges, advocating for the innocent, and preserving the memory of past suffering. Art possesses the power to make sense of life’s brutalities when nothing else can and unites people through a profound sense of justice. For those in positions of power, art that performs such a role becomes a source of fear. Among the people, it becomes a treasured legend, offering solace in the face of life’s harshest realities.

As Berger so beautifully stated, art remains an enclave for the soul’s noblest qualities. Through Union Magazine, we invite you to witness – a mirror that we hope reflects pieces of the Palestinian soul. Contrived as a humble offering towards hope.

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